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School Lunch

Marla's Lunch has been serving school lunches for 15 years, and we know what the kids love to eat. Kids and parents today are more sophisticated, and want good quality, tasty and healthier school lunches. Of course we’re on it, so everyday we have healthy lunch options available, as well as mainstream offerings.

We cater to every type of eater. Many of our little customers are picky eaters, and don’t want their foods touching. They are simply acting their age! We get it, and created menu offerings that are separated, with tasty simple foods. We serve lunches kids look forward to eating. They need to eat well nourished meals, especially at lunch.

Our passion is school lunches! Marla is the happiest when kids love what they eat.

She started out making her own kids school lunches knowing they would eat what she prepared, for them. Their friends would come over and wanted her lunches. It started out with one friend, then two, and now we are so proud to serve your kids!

In the early days moms would stop Marla on street, and say: ”Because of you my kids tried tomatoes”, “Marla my kids like sprouts on your sandwiches” “Thank you for making my kids understand what organic means” and so may more comments. It was amazing, and great to hear.

The bottom line is we all want our kids to do their best. They must like their lunch so they will eat, which is the most important thing for good education, health and happiness.

Marla's Lunch is honored, and appreciates the opportunity to feed your kids!

Please reach out with any comments or questions.

Thank you!

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