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Media: Check out what the news and our clients are saying about Marlas Lunch:


  • Thanks, we are really loving using your program. The Principal and Assistant Principal are very please with how easy and efficient everything is running. Thanks again for all your assistance in getting the program up and running!  Love the breakdown you send on meals ordered. I’ll be on the lookout for the check. 

  • PTA President Thank you Marla!!! This program was amazing!!!

  • School Principal: "We have not had such a great lunch program in 12 years thank you Marlas!

  • Mom: "Because of Marlas my daughter has tried Salads, Greenery, and Sushi!

  • Customer: "My Niece loves your lunches in her school can we get them in our town?

  • School: Marlas customer service is fantastic they answer our questions immediately and took care of the problem right away thanks Marlas!

  • Camp: I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to both of you for all of your effort. Our lunch system was and drastically improved from previous years.  Your service was fantastic. Thank you so much! 


  • Student Council Meeting for School Lunch Ideas with Big Boss Marla and the Little Student Bosses:



A few lunches from Marlas Kitchen YUM!!

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